Experience Maker Workshops

Introducing Unmissable England's new half day workshop for tourism businesses to create their own successful visitor experiences.  The workshops are being offered to Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) and other tourism providers to sign-up to host.

The UK has seen a large increase in experiential tourism, which connects the visitor with the essence of a place and its people. It engages visitors in a series of memorable travel adventures, revealed over time, that are inherently personal, engage the senses, and make connections on an emotional level.

The Experience Maker Workshop covers the following topics:

  • Experiences vs tours - What’s the difference?

  • Success stories

  • Five steps in creating an unmissable experience

  • Introduction to the travel trade

  • Pricing & markets

  • Distribution & marketing

All workshops are presented by Tourism Business Advisor Chris Brant, who has developed his own series of successful experiences, as well as a collection of over 70 experiences for England's National Parks, which are being distributed internationally.

Unmissable England charges the host £45 per attendee with a maximum of 30 participants in a workshop. Workshops typically start at 13:30 and end at 17:00. The host is required to provide the workshop venue with light refreshments for no charge to Unmissable England.

Special Offer: English Tourism Week 2020
To celebrate this year’s English Tourism Week attendees will only pay £35 for workshops taking place between
8-25 April 2020, booked by DMO’s and other tourism businesses.

For more information and to host a workshop, please email Chris Brant or call 07828 8580040.